Hallein, Austria

Date of construction


Construction Area

1.335m² with 120 workplaces

Wood Products


Office with 1.335m² with 120 workplaces in wood

The solid timber wall construction without additional thermal insulation is below the required mathematical U-value and so fundamentally it does not comply with the statutory requirements. However, a derogation enshrined in the Salzburg Building Act permits its use in compliance with the law. binderholz has already demonstrated on several reference projects already built that the BBS Thermo construction method is very energy-efficient and thermally efficient as well as sustainable.

The design of the entire building took only 12 weeks including the design of the building services, which were considered in great detail (bonding requirements, recesses, openings etc.). The carpenters only needed 12 working days from the start of timber construction to complete a rain-tight flat roof.

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